Friday, January 23, 2009

What do you think?

We get images and pictures of God's presence in tragedies and miracles. Here is another. As we look at God holding up the plane, how do we see those same strong hands supporting us in life threatening events? Do we acknowledge that it is God who holds us up when we can't stand, keeps us warm when we are chivering from the cold of the world, keeps us comfortable when we find life uncomfortable? As I looked at the picture, and as I remembered the live images of the people standing on the wings, it did appear that somehow they were being held up. Now if I can just remember that in my life when something shuts down my engines and I think I'm going to crash. God gave "Sully" the experience, wisdom, and ability to land the plane where it would do the least harm and save the most folks, why don't we remain calm and believe that God will do the same in our lives? Something to think about...Did I mention I am flying out of JFK next week???

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Quotes and Pics by Lindsay said...

Pastor Dave, You will be receiving a e-mail in a few days that I have sent to all my personal PASTORS..Your BLOG inspired me to creat my own blog..A blog from two hobbies in my life..Love Your Blogs.